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Class: Idea to Manuscript August 6th 2020-September 18th 2020

Description: Always wanted to write a novel, but having trouble starting?  Haven't written in years and want to dive back in?  Have lots of ideas but don't know how to start filling that first blank page? This is an online creative writing course focused on getting started on the project you have always wanted to work on. It will give you the tools to be able to get down that ever-important first draft. It will consist of one and a half hours a week of live class time over the course of six weeks. The classes will take place from 6:00pm-7:30pm  on Zoom. You will have a chance to send your work to me and get detailed feedback throughout the class, as well as one-on-one meetings/support between classes Five and Six. Sign up: Complete this form. Cost:  A sliding scale of $50-75 per student via PayPal or Venmo. Outline: Week One August 6th : Choosing and Fleshing Out an Idea Week Two August 13th : Highlighting the Importance of Character W