Writing Coach

What is a writing coach?
A writing coach is someone who will be your own personal sounding board for your project.
An expert in the skills of the craft, a writing coach can help you get unstuck at any stage of
the drafting process if you are editing, plotting the story, or just beginning to write! Your
story is also kept completely confidential.

The focus of the coaching can be on craft or content, or both. It can be focused on figuring
out what the story needs if you are unsure where to go next or if you feel a major change
is needed to a current draft but can't put your finger on what.

Who am I?
I am a local author, living right in Winooski, and writing coach who just received my MFA in
Creative Writing from Goddard College. I specialize in fiction writing: novels, novellas,
short stories, and series.

My rates: I charge $50-$125 an hour on a sliding scale, after a short initial phone call
to make sure I am a great fit for unlocking your vision. I will work one on one or with groups.

For more information please email me!


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