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Collected Character Prompts: June 2023 (Pride Month)

Every Wednesday I post a character writing prompt on Instagram @aurora_a_hurd . Here are June's prompts, which are themed for LGBTQIA+ Pride Month! Promot 36:  For speculative fiction writers: What would it look like for you to write a queer-normative world or society? Does that change how you write your characters? For fiction writers: What time is your story set in? How do your characters' identities shape their experience? Prompt 37: Think of a role or character archetype you have never seen a character who is LGBTQIA+ fill and rectify that.  Prompt 38: How do your characters define family? How many different types of families does your world/story show? Are there ways to expand that? Prompt 39: A character's joy is as, if not more, impactful than their sorrow. What are the things that bring the most joy to your character?

New Free Writing Workshop July 22nd: Speed Date With Your Protagonist

When writing fiction, your protagonist is the center point. There must be a reason your readers want to get to the end of the story, and seeing what happens to your protagonist is a key motivator. Your readers don't have to like your protagonist, your protagonist doesn't have to be the "good guy," but they do need to be compelling. This is a prompt-focused writing workshop to help you build the strongest main character you can. Come ready with your protagonist and your preferred tools to write!  The workshop is virtual over Zoom on July 22nd 2:00 pm-3:30 pm Eastern/11:00 am-12:30 pm Pacific  Sign Up This is a free virtual workshop through SCRiB LAB. Find out more about this and other free writing workshops and resources on their website!