Collected Character Prompts: April 2023

Every Wednesday I post a character writing prompt on Instagram @aurora_a_hurd. Here are the prompts from April!

Image with prompt 27 written on it.
Prompt 27: How does your character handle being alone? 
Is it their favorite way to be or do they get bored?

Image with prompt 28 written on it.
Prompt 28: How would your character react to someone making a bad pun? 
Or would they be the one making the pun?

Image with prompt 29 written on it.
Prompt 29: Are there tropes your character falls into? 
How can you play with and expand those into something unique?
A resource:

Image with prompt 30 written on it.
Prompt 30: Choose one of your secondary characters and write their perspective 
of the main character(s). Is it positive? Negative? Indifferent?


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