Collected Character Prompts: May 2023

Every Wednesday I post a character writing prompt on Instagram @aurora_a_hurd. Here are May's prompts!

image with prompt 31. there are some images of flowers on it.

Prompt 31: Using the language of flowers, choose three types 
of flowers that best represent your character.

image with prompt 32.
Prompt 32: What is a goal that your character can never achieve? 
What does it take for them to be at peace with that fact? 
Or will they never accept it?

image with prompt 33. the image includes something that looks like the search bar on a search engine like google.
Prompt 33: What is the most recent thing 
in your character's search history?

image with prompt 34.
Prompt 34: Is your character also a writer or an artist? 
If so, how does that shape the way they view the world?

image with prompt 35.
Prompt 35: What does your character think of lying? 
Do they see it as something unforgivable, a necessary evil, 
or as no big deal - just something that everyone does?


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